Northern Cape – Beauty in Desert Landscapes along with Colourful Flowers

The Northern Cape is a province that holds beauty in the form of desert landscapes and dry arid land, that is also renowned for the remarkable transformation that takes place in spring when the desert blossoms in a mass of colorful flowers. Cities scattered throughout this province stand out as oases amid the warm weather and unique animals which have adapted to this harsh expanse have many spectacular survival techniques to be discovered by visitors. For a holiday filled with adventure and surprise, the Northern Cape is the province to be in.

There are a few large cities and fascinating towns in the Northern Cape, such as Kuruman, Upington and Kimberly. Each destination has its own attractions and activities to offer visitors, but as a whole, the province is best known for its natural attractions such as the Kimberly Big Hole, the blooming of the Namaqualand and sand dunes. There are a number of reserves for visitors to visit, including the Augrabies Falls National Park, The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park and the Richtersveld National Park. The Northern Cape is a province in South Africa that mesmerizes and offers an exclusive adventure into one of the most inhospitable landscapes in South Africa.

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