Barkly West – Historical through Diamonds

As with many of the towns in the Northern Cape, Barkly West found its humble beginnings in the diamond industry. In fact, this is where the very first diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1869. Originally established in 1849, Barkly West was a tiny mission village until the diamond rush saw hundreds of prospectors flocking to the town in search of financial freedom. Located approximately thirty-five kilometers away from Kimberley, Barkly West is not only a historical destination but a town that is surrounded by natural beauty and many attractions for visitors to explore.

Noteworthy sites in the town, such as the Barkly Bridge, Cultural History Museum, St. Mary’s Anglican Church, Barkly West Museum and the Old Toll House, offer visitors a variety of architectural wonders and fascinating history to discover. Surrounding the town, Canteen Kopje, Rekaofela Resort, Oribi Game Reserve and Vaalbos National Park showcase the breathtaking fauna and flora of the region, including archeological sites and a number of activities including hiking, canoeing and archery. Barkly West is a wonderful destination in the Northern Cape that is filled with beauty, fascination and a rich heritage that is reflected in its historical buildings and attractions.

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