Kathu – Open Cast Mining Town

Located in the Kalahari region of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, the picturesque little town of Kathu owes its existence to one of the largest open-cast iron ore mining operations in the world. Referred to as ‘the town under the trees’, Kathu is connected by road, rail and air to its closest main center, Kimberley.

The magnitude of the open-cast mining operation at Kathu is difficult to describe, or even to portray on film, and visitors on guided tours never fail to be astounded by the sheer size of the operation and the equipment used to extract and transport the much sought after iron ore. Some of the world’s longest goods trains travel through inhospitable and rugged terrain carrying their valuable iron ore cargo from Kathu to the port at Saldanha Bay.

A well stocked game reserve, with terrain particularly suited to game-spotting and bird-watching, lies on the border of Kathu. Activities in the area include, horse riding, bass fishing, abseiling and 4×4 routes and visitors to Kathu can enjoy a game of golf at what is considered by many to be one of the most scenic golf courses in the country.

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