Kuruman – Oasis in the Kalahari

Kuruman stands as an oasis in the Kalahari region, located in the Northern Cape Province. It is where David Livingstone and Reverend Robert Moffat set up base, and the legendary Kuruman Fountain which supplied the missionary with water in the 1800s still supplies the town with much needed water today, and has become a popular attraction with visitors. This picturesque agricultural hub, also offers beauty and spectacular wildlife to tourists through its reserves, sanctuaries and parks.

Many visitors to South Africa underestimate the magnificence of this small town, but Kuruman has a wide variety of activities and attractions to fascinate and excite visitors. As mentioned, the natural fountain, referred to as “Die Oog” (The Eye), provides more than twenty million litres of fresh, clear water to the community and as there are rare and endangered fish species in this water, no fishing is allowed. The Kuruman hiking trail provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the beautiful landscapes on foot, and reserves such as the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Bird Sanctuary, Billy Duvenhage Nature Reserve and Kalahari Raptor Rehabilitation Centre offer a glimpse into the wildlife of the region. From caves to Truce Trees and monuments, Kuruman is a destination worth visiting.

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