Port Nolloth – Delightful Retreat on the Diamond Coast

Situated on South Africa’s Diamond Coast, Port Nolloth provides a relaxing holiday for those who are looking to get away from it all. Beautiful beaches, interesting history and the opportunity to explore the local culture make Port Nolloth an ideal destination when touring the Northern Cape Province.

The history of Port Nolloth extends back many years. Originally the area was referred to as Auquatowa in Nama and then later came to be known as Robbebaai. The town was founded in 1854 when Captain M.S. Nolloth was sent to look for a harbor site along the Namaqualand coast. The town was renamed Port Nolloth in 1855. Back then the harbor was used for the transportation of copper and later became popular again when diamonds were discovered nearby. As of late, the chief activities are that of fishing and tourism. Visitors can still see boats searching for secondary deposits of Diamonds brought down by the Orange River from Kimberley.

Those who take the time to visit Port Nolloth will be treated to a lovely seaside and fishing experience. Although not pleasant for swimming because of the cold Benguela current, the clean beaches and calm waters are ideal for kayaking and boating. Fishermen may catch snoek or yellow-tail fish and permits can be obtained from the tourism office. Pay a visit to McDougall’s Bay where you will find camping sites, cottages, opportunities for walking and more. Visitors are also encouraged to visit the Port Nolloth Museum. Opened 10 years ago in the old Cape Copper Company’s Officers’ Club, this museum delves some 2000 years back into the history of the area. View displays about the town, nearby shipwrecks, copper, diamond diving, geology and natural history. Port Nolloth is a delightful retreat for those who enjoy taking it easy.

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