Springbok – A Picturesque Town

Located on the N7 linking the Northern Cape to Namibia, the lovely town of Springbok lies nestled in a valley of the Klein Koperberge, in the heart of Namaqualand – an area renowned for its natural beauty. The Klein Koperberge, meaning “Small Copper Mountains” were named after the primary reason the settlement was initially established - to mine the rich copper reserves in the area.

During the months of August to October each year, Springbok is bursting at the seams with tourists who have traveled from far and wide, drawn by the amazing transformation of the dry scrubland into the multi-colored carpet of flowers which has made Namaqualand famous. The oddly shaped Kokerboom, or Quiver tree, which derives its name from the San people’s practice of using its tubular branches to make quivers for their arrows, is another common sight in South Africa’s Northern Cape region. Other places of interest in Springbok are the Klipkoppie, a hill with the remains of a Second Boer War fortress, and the 1921 Klipkerk (stone church).

The copper reserves have run low and mining has slowed down, but the peaceful and colorful town of Springbok remains a thriving community and is a popular stopover point for tourists on their way to Namibia, offering a wide range of accommodation, supermarkets, service stations and a small airport.

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