Beaufort West – Heritage and Pride

Beaufort West is a town that is blanketed in history, heritage and pride. Established in 1818 by the legendary Lord Charles Somerset, Beaufort West became a historical landmark when it was declared the first municipality in South Africa in the year 1837. It has also been the home of many of South Africa’s well known figures, such as Professor Chris Barnard, who carved his own name into history by successfully completing the first heart transplant. But there is more to Beaufort West than a colorful past, it is a town filled with adventure and attractions that are waiting to be discovered.

To explore the heritage of the town, visitors are recommended to pop into historical attractions such as the Town Hall, Mission Church, Old Jacob’s House, Museum Complex, The Damkoppie Monument, the War Memorial, Coronation Villa, The Pear Tree and the Voortrekker Park. For outdoor adventure, there is the nearby Karoo National Park, hiking trails, bird watching opportunities, paragliding, horse riding, mountain biking and even river rafting. Discover the rich agricultural industry of Beaufort West and enjoy the warm welcome of the locals. Comfortable accommodation and great restaurants will complete your stay in this breathtaking Western Cape destination.

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