Botrivier – Quaint With Much to Offer

Are you looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life? Perhaps you would like a little rest and relaxation in the country. Or maybe you're interested in some outdoor adventure activities. If so, the quaint village of Botrivier is the ideal destination for you. Beautifully located along the foothills of Houw Hoek Mountain range and looking out over the golden wheat-fields of the Cape Overberg, the town of Botrivier is a holidaymaker's delight.

The area of Botrivier was inhabited long before settlers arrived in the Cape. Khoi-khoi tribes used to wander along the lovely Bot River which provided a perfect location for pasturing their cattle. Interestingly, the Khoi-khoi or Hottentot name for the Bot River is Gouga, meaning “abundance of fat”. This is the same Khoi word that is used for butter. Merchants came from the Cape during 1672 carrying barrels of butter which they hoped to trade. The river soon came to be known as the Botter (butter) River, which was later shortened to Bot Rivier.

Nearby is the Bot River Lagoon, a marshy area formed from the waters of the river which originate just to the south of Theewaterskloof Dam. In the wetland area that has formed here birders can view a variety of waterfowl and other interesting birdlife. A herd of wild horses has also made this area home. Botrivier is encircled by fertile valleys and mountains covered in fynbos adding to the appeal of the town. Attractions in the area include historical wine farms, while activities to be enjoyed include golf, 4×4 trails, horseriding, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking and more.

Although Overberg’s Botrivier is a small town, it is by no means insignificant, offering visitors a lovely vacation filled with fun activities and relaxation.

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