Ratanga Junction – Exciting Theme Park

Screams of delight fill the air, children run wild from one fun activity to the next and deciding in which direction to head first is a challenge. Cobblestone streets and bridges take visitors from the one thrilling experience to the next exciting adventure, and the walkways wind through a jungle of choices of restaurants, shops and curio stores. This is Ratanga Junction, the biggest and wildest theme park in South Africa and one of the most popular attractions in Cape Town.

Ratanga Junction theme park welcomes hundreds of visitors each holiday that come to enjoy a day of endless thrills, which accommodates both children and adults. Children can find safe entertainment at Elephant Rock and Hippo Hollow where the Bushwacker and children’s rides will keep them occupied for hours. More adventurous visitors can head towards rides such as the feared Cobra, Monkey Falls, Diamond Devil Run and Crocodile Gorge to enjoy the adrenalin rush and excitement of these rides. Ratanga Junction is the perfect attraction for the entire family to enjoy and spend the day.

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