V & A Waterfront – Abundant Shopping and Entertainment

Topping the list as one of the most visited attractions in Cape Town, is the V & A Waterfront, or Victoria and Alfred Waterfront. It is set in the working harbor of Cape Town, against the breathtaking Table Mountain and spectacular ocean views.

The V & A Waterfront is surrounded by historical waterfront
such as the Clock Tower, Time Ball Tower, Robben Island, Seal Landing,
Breakwater Prison, Chavonnes Battery and the South African Maritime
Two harbor basins, the Alfred and Victoria basins, had their
between 1860 and 1920, and in the 1970’s a wider use for the harbour
heralded by public demand, and in 1988 the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
(Pty) Ltd, was brought in to redevelop the docklands.

Today, this attraction in Cape Town has all a tourist could want from
destination, and more. The V& A Waterfront has a number of luxury
hotels to
choose from, with professional staff and magnificent views of the
ocean and surrounding areas. And if you have decided to extend your
indefinitely, the V & A Waterfront also has its own V&A Marina

The shopping center situated within the V & A Waterfront, offers a
shopping extravaganza, with clothing stores, curio shops and exclusive
boutiques. Restaurants, pubs, winery, fast food outlets, coffee shops,
taverns, ensure an endless supply of food and drink for the weary

If you want to get up close and personal to a shark or two,
from a
very safe distance, the Two Oceans Aquarium provides a viewing
sanctuary for
all sea creatures, and will have you entranced for hours.

Or a boat trip through the V & A Waterfront, will take you past most
the historical buildings, with a local tour guide to transport you
the background of each structure.

The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront also hosts entertainment events,
annually, some on a monthly basis, and others are permanently available
as galleries and movie houses. And the entertainment does not end
there. The
V & A Waterfront is also home to a local seal population, with their
residential area being the jetties, barrier tires and any sun warmed
that is suitable for sun tanning.

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