Ceres – Rich Agriculture

The town of Ceres, which is located near Worcester, in the Western Cape is known as one of the richest agricultural centers in South Africa. Endless orchards and farm land surround the town, decorated in the color and fragrances of apricots, apples, peaches, cherries and pears. Embraced by picturesque mountains that bring beauty to this peaceful region, Ceres is not just beautiful, but it has a variety of attractions and exciting activities that draw hundreds of visitors to the town.

Visitors to Ceres will be able to explore the lucrative fruit industry by joining groups on farm tours, pick cherries at the Klondyke Cherry Farm or marvel at the massive Toy Car Collection at Valley Funerals. Browse through the Toll House or the Transport Riders’ Museum to take a trip through the history of the region, or discover the magnificence of Ceres on horseback outrides through the striking landscapes. Protected conservation areas such as the Aquila Nature Reserve, the Vrolijkheid Nature Reserve and the Groot Winterhoek Wilderness Area offer visitors the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the wonderful wildlife and birds such as the Black Eagle, with a variety of trails to challenge hikers. More adventurous travelers can sign up for a thrilling 4×4 excursion or contact the Western Province Sport Parachute Club, and take to the skies for an unforgettable skydiving experience. Ceres is a town filled with surprises and beautiful surroundings that will provide visitors with a magnificent holiday and lifelong memories.

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