Monkeyland – Up Close with South Africa’s Primates

Everyone with a spirit of adventure and a fun-loving, mischievous nature is bound to enjoy a trip to Monkeyland. This primate sanctuary is the perfect place to get in touch with these intelligent and playful creatures. Monkeyland is home to a variety of different monkey species and it serves not only to house these animals but to educate the public about their plight. So whether you are young or old, make sure that a trip to Monkeyland is a part of your travel plans.

According to Monkeyland, it is the first and only free-roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary in the world. It houses a variety of primate species from around the world with the hopes of better educating people about the plight of these fascinating little creatures and it also helps people to see how they can live in harmony with those wild animals which live around them. The facility gives educational tours and guided monkey safaris where a guided will help you to get closer to the primates and learn more about them. Tours can be given in English, Afrikaans, Xhosa, German, French, Italian and Spanish so you are bound to find a way to enjoy the experience regardless of what country you come from. This eco-adventure tourist attraction is a great introduction to the preservation of animals in South Africa and around the world.

Monkeyland is situated on the N2 between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. As part of the scenic Garden Route, it makes for a great stop – especially if you have children since the attraction is suitable for all ages. The experience offered at Monkeyland is somewhat unique in that the primates are wild and roam freely around you. The facility also features the longest suspension bridge in Africa which measures a whopping 128 meters in length. The facility is set up in such a way that you can completely immerse yourself in the forest and enjoy the bird life and monkeys that have come to call Monkeyland home. Though access to the facility is free, the guided foot-tours of the facility – which are conducted by experienced game rangers – have a fee attached to them. However they last as long as an hour and once you have paid the fee you can enjoy as many ‘monkey safari’s’ as you wish for the remainder of the day.

The facility features a forest restaurant, a curio store and bar so you can replenish your energy supplies while you visit. Because the monkeys aren’t caged, a walk through the sanctuary provides a unique way to interact with these delightful creatures. So make a visit to Monkeyland when you travel the Garden Route and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. It’s worth it!

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