Hout Bay – Luxury Accommodations with many Activities and Attractions

Even though Hout Bay falls under the Western Cape city of Cape Town, as a suburb it can be viewed as an independent settlement. Its unique atmosphere, attractions and activities draw thousands of visitors each year, who come to Hout Bay for relaxation and to enjoy the various water sports activities which it has become known for. Luxury accommodation allows visitors to relax in comfortable surroundings while exploring everything that Hout Bay has to offer.

Hout Bay is home to one of the biggest bird parks on the continent, namely World of Birds, where birding enthusiasts will be able to see more than three thousand birds. Other attractions include the Hout Bay Museum, whale watching, horse riding, boat trips, fishing, hiking and sailing, but it is the sometimes treacherous waters of Hout Bay that lure visitors here. Scuba divers, jet skiers and surfers flock to Hout Bay to test their skills against those of Mother Nature, and has afforded Hout Bay the nickname, first referred to by surfers, of Dungeons.

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