Knysna – A Gem on South Africa’s Coast

Many South Africans agree that if given the choice of visiting any destination in the country, they would choose the Garden Route treasure of Knysna. It is a town that is blanketed in exquisite beauty, while a strong artistic element. It is this combination that attracts thousands of visitors to Knysna and its surrounding areas. Amongst the tranquility of nature and its small bustling business sector, Knysna has many attractions and activities waiting to be discovered by visitors.

The thick Knysna Forest, once home to a number of powerful Knysna elephants, provides an ideal habitat for thousands of bird species, small antelope, wild flowers and a range of rare ancient trees, such as the ironwood and yellowwood. Even though the chances of catching a glimpse of the Knysna elephant is unlikely, the Knysna Forest itself remains breathtaking and horse riding or walking trails provide an opportunity to explore this miracle of nature.

Getting close to nature is never a problem in Knysna, with attractions such as the Knysna Elephant Park giving visitors the opportunity to get close to these amazing animals. For ocean enthusiasts, the Knysna Heads are the final resting place of the wreck of the Paquita and adventure operators offer visitors the opportunity to view some of the most magnificent marine life that live off the coast of Knysna up close.

The Millwood Gold Mines no longer provide prospectors with the hope of instant wealth, but the picnic areas and walks in the forest are the perfect way to spend a peaceful afternoon. Other activities offered in Knysna include quad bike tours, whale watching, lagoon tours, abseiling and ocean safaris. Knysna is also home to South Africa’s biggest Rastafarian community. As for art and creativity, Knysna overflows with artists and interesting curio shops. Knysna is a destination that has something for everyone, and overwhelms its visitors with beauty, luxury, peacefulness and adventure.

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