Montagu – Breathtaking Vineyards in this Farming Town

Breathtaking vineyards, spectacular rock formations, bubbling hot mineral springs and picturesque orchards are just a few features that earned Montagu the Engen Town of the Year 2002 Award. This charming piece of Western Cape heaven is located a mere two hours outside of Cape Town, and is popular with tourists as it offers exciting attractions and activities to explore this idyllic destination in South Africa.

The small town of Montagu is surrounded by beautiful reserves, such as the Klaasvoogds Game Reserve, and gardens, allowing visitors to discover the unique landscape. Hiking trails such as the Bloupunt Trail, Gecko Trail, Aasvoëlkrans Trail and Bessiekop showcases the vegetation and animals that live in the region. Nature can also be viewed while rock climbing, paragliding, abseiling, on mountain tractor rides, horse riding, mountain biking or on 4×4 excursions. Historical buildings line the streets of the town, while the galleries, wine tasting tours, the Montagu Museum and Joubert House give visitors insight into the heritage of Montagu. Montagu might seem like a small farming town, but it has a big heart and thrilling adventures to make your stay unforgettable.

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