Mossel Bay – Coastal Gem between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth

When driving from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town, or vice versa, Mossel Bay signifies the halfway mark of your journey. This coastal gem, located on the Garden Route, was once known as Aguada de Sao Bras when the legendary Bartholomew Dias anchored here in 1488. Since then it has developed into a town that has a wonderful balance of preserved history and modern facilities that appeals to most visitors.

The history of Mossel Bay can be explored through attractions such as the Maritime Museum, the Shell Museum, the Cultural Museum and the Post Office building that is estimated to be more than eight hundred years old. Adrenalin junkies flock to Mossel Bay as it offers bungi jumping, horse riding, power boating, ship wreck diving and shark cage diving. Wonderful attractions and activities await visitors in Mossel Bay, as do the great restaurants and comfortable accommodation that will take care of visitors’ needs after a long day of exploring the wild side of life.

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