Wilderness – Picturesque and Breathtaking Nature

One of the most picturesque destinations in the entire Western Cape is Wilderness. And as its name suggests, it is a town that is surrounded by nature and breathtaking natural attractions. The town is quiet and tranquil and is suited for visitors who want to escape their daily lives to enjoy nature related adventures and activities. With the Goukamma Nature Reserve and Wilderness National Park on its doorstep and bordered by the ocean, bird watchers and hiking enthusiasts will never run out of activities and venues to enjoy.

The diverse landscape that includes peaceful beaches, lakes and wetlands provides the perfect habitat for a number of animals. also, Wilderness has a few nearby activities that will attract those looking for excitement such as canoeing, cycling and abseiling in Kaaimans Gorge. Friendly locals and wonderful accommodation will make visitors feel at home in this natural paradise.

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