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  • Stellenbosch

    Rembrandt Van Rijn

    Traveling down Dorp Street in Stellenbosch, visitors will come to the gabled mansion of Libertas Pavia. This elegant building houses the Rembrandt van Rijn art gallery as well as the Stellenryk Wine Museum. The fascinating Rembrandt van Rijn Art Gallery, named for the famed artist, contains a variety of works by artists such as Irma Stern, Anton Van Wouw and Pierneef.

  • Somerset East

    Walter Battiss

    Some would describe Walter Battiss as a madman – a person who’s own creative vision of reality was a far-cry from his real surroundings. Others would herald him as a creative genius – a person who used his imagination and artistic talents to inspire a generation of artists and encourage free thought. The history books call Walter Wahl Battiss ‘the foremost South African abstract painter’. ...

  • Art Galleries

    Tina Skukan Art Gallery

    Are you looking for that ultimate painting or sculpture to add the finishing touch to your home? Do you want an artwork by someone whose style is dynamic, individualistic and inherently African? Perhaps you’re merely looking for an artwork which captures a deep love and appreciation for the country of South Africa. Whatever it is that you are looking for, why not visit the Tina Skukan ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    African Art Centre

    Established with the backing of the South African Institute of Race Relations in 1959, the African Art Centre is a non-profit organization which is designed to help local black artists and craftspeople promote their work and support themselves. The African Art Centre became a non-profit organization in 1982 and, despite its small beginnings, it now has a well-established reputation for ...

  • Cape Town Art Galleries

    African Image Art Gallery

    Are you decorating your home and looking for that final touch? Perhaps something to fill in that bare spot on the wall or an empty corner. Perhaps a center piece or conversation piece. Are you a tourist in South Africa looking for a gift for someone back home or some memorabilia that will reflect your exciting African adventure? Look no further than African Image Art Gallery in Cape Town. An ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    Bat Art Centre

    The BAT Centre was started in 1995 as an arts and culture community center designed to celebrate the art and culture of locals and to promote their talent and skill. Located in the small crafters harbor off the Victoria Embankment in Durban, this enterprising Art Centre has helped to created jobs for a variety of artists by sourcing talent and bringing it into the limelight, by imparting ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    Durban Art Gallery

    South Africa's Durban Art Gallery boasts an extensive display of artworks both historical and contemporary. From the KwaZulu-Natal collection with its artifacts right up to International and English collections, the Durban Art Gallery is a magical walk through the world of fine arts. Among the artworks are pieces by renowned South Africans such as Penny Siopis and Andrew Verster as well as ...

  • Johannesburg Art Galleries

    Cherie De Villiers Fine Art Gallery

    The Cherie de Villiers Fine Art Gallery are dealers in sculptures and paintings by South African artists. Cherie de Villiers Art Gallery was established in 1993, in Rosebank, Johannesburg. Their online facility allows clients to view limited selections of art that are available, from the comfort of their own home. The website not only shows you the art, but provides information ...

  • Johannesburg Art Galleries

    Everard Read Art Gallery

    In 1913, in Johannesburg, one of South Africa’s most famous art galleries was established. The Everard Read Gallery has grown in sophistication and size, just as Johannesburg grew into South Africa’s capital of finance and business.

  • Cape Town Art Galleries

    Hout Bay Gallery

    The Hout Bay Gallery is situated in the coastal town of Hout Bay, which is a 20 minute drive from South Africa's Mother City, Cape Town. The Hout Bay Art Gallery was established in 1984, and concentrates on exhibiting works of local South African Artists, such as Glen Tong, Katharine Wood, and many others.