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  • Hiking

    Hiking Trails

    South Africa is a land of diverse landscapes, varied climates and abundant flora and fauna. With so many natural wonders to be seen and vast wild terrain to explore, South Africa is certainly a hikers dream. Whether you are just starting out or have been an avid hiker for many years, South Africa offers an abundance of opportunities to suit all types. What better way could there be to become ...

  • Hiking Trails

    Amatola Hiking Trail

    If nature and hiking outdoors is a passion of yours, then South Africa’s Amatola Hiking Trail in the Amatola Mountains is a must! This scenic mountain range lies in the Eastern Cape Province, starting at Maden Dam, near King William’s Town and ending 3km from Hogsback. The entire Amatola Hiking Trail is 105km or 6 days long, packed with the most exquisite scenery. Dense yellowwood forests ...

  • Camping

    Ngala Tented Safari Camp

    Situated in one of the country’s most beautiful game reserves the Ngala Tented Safari Camp is a real treat. The Ngala Tented Safari Camp is a part of the Timbavati Private Game Reserve which is situated in the middle of the Kruger National Park and it combines the beauty of nature with the comfort of luxury accommodation. Timbavati is situated on roughly 36 500 acres of land and it provides ...

  • West Coast

    Bird Island

    Located some 100m off the shore of Lambert's Bay, Bird Island is a fascinating natural attraction along the Cape West Coast. Connected to the mainland by means of a breakwater, Bird Island is home to a large population of seabirds. The island is under the protection of CapeNature to ensure that the wildlife residing there is preserved for decades to come.

  • Garden Route


    Everyone with a spirit of adventure and a fun-loving, mischievous nature is bound to enjoy a trip to Monkeyland. This primate sanctuary is the perfect place to get in touch with these intelligent and playful creatures. Monkeyland is home to a variety of different monkey species and it serves not only to house these animals but to educate the public about their plight. So whether you are ...

  • Pilgrims Rest

    Mount Sheba

    If you are a bird lover who is planning to travel through the Pilgrim’s Rest area of Mpumalanga, the Mount Sheba Nature Reserve is a must-see for you. The area is reputed as being one of the province’s best forest-birding localities and as such, it offers an excellent selection of birds – both typical escarpment birds and more localized specials. Though the reserve is privately owned, it is ...

  • Upington

    Green Kalahari

    When you mention the word ‘Kalahari’, most people will immediately picture a brazen, hot, desert-like place. And, if they were thinking of the Kalahari Desert, they wouldn’t be too far off. However, just because the majority of the area is a desert, does not mean that the Kalahari is devoid of life. On the contrary, it is teaming with it. What’s more, there is a Green belt near the Orange ...

  • Thousand Hills


    Against the backdrop of the world famous Valley of 1000 Hills, is the location of the PheZulu (meaning high up) Village. Here at the PheZulu Safari Park, visitors are able to truly feel the rhythm of Africa, by getting an inside look into the Zulu culture and its fascinating lifestyle and rituals. The friendly Gasa Clan, will invite you into their world, which is likely ...

  • Zululand


    Spectacular sights await eager Zululand visitors at South Africa's smallest wilderness area, Ntendeka. Considered by many to possess the most outstanding beauty of all the wilderness areas, Ntendeka of Zululand is certainly diverse in both flora and fauna. One thing is for certain, those who explore the Ntendeka Wilderness will want to return for an unforgettable natural adventure.

  • Scottburgh


    Situated on the South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, with the closest town being, Umzinto, and Scottburgh, lies the rolling hills of grassland, called the Vernon Crooks Nature Reserve. The Vernon Crookes Nature Reserve is 2189 hectares, and the vegetation not only consists of grasslands, but beautiful coastal forests with an abundance of wildlife. This nature reserve is also known ...