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  • Free State


    The picturesque Gariep Dam is located in the Free State, between the cities of Colesberg and Bloemfontein. Travelers often use the Gariep Dam as a stop over on their way to and from Cape Town and Johannesburg, but many return for a longer stay after they have discovered the beauty and attractions that it offers. The peaceful waters of the dam are a great attraction for family holidays, ...

  • Free State


    Many visitors find that they enjoy the Free State’s climate. Since most of the province is situated roughly 1 300 m above sea level, the Free State endures hot, arid conditions which vary quite drastically from season to season. The weather here is typically of a high-lying inland area and this means that the Free State has rainy summers, frigid winters and a lot of sunshine. Conditions ...

  • Bloemfontein


    If you are looking for an activity or attraction in Bloemfontein to keep you busy through the day, make your way to Bloemfontein Zoo. A lovely sanctuary for a variety of fascinating wildlife, Bloemfontein Zoo is one of the top attractions in the city. Stroll through the zoo and take in all the sights or enjoy a picnic with your family whilst surrounded by animals. Bloemfontein Zoo is a great ...

  • Bloemfontein

    Botanical Garden

    The Free State National Botanical Garden in Bloemfontein offer visitors an opportunity to relax in a natural environment surrounded by beautiful indigenous vegetation. Encompassing a lush valley between the impressive dolerite koppies, Bloemfontein's Botanical Gardens includes both woodland and grassland, as well as a wide variety of animal life. Open all through the year, the Free State ...

  • Bloemfontein

    Naval Hill

    Dominating the Bloemfontein skyline, standing proudly in the heart of the City of Roses is Naval Hill. Standing atop this geographic wonder, you are provided with an exquisite panoramic view of Bloemfontein. Located within the Franklin Game Reserve, it is known for both its natural beauty and its historical significance.

  • Airports

    Bloemfontein Airport

    As the capital city of the Free State Province and the judicial capital of South Africa, the dynamic city of Bloemfontein is home to world-class educational institutions and established industries, as well as lying in the heart of fertile farming area. With its strategic position near the geographical center of the country, a number of main transport routes pass through the city, and Bram ...

  • Travel


    No matter where you live or who you are, it is difficult to argue against the efficiency and convenience of air travel. Despite the fact that many foreigners may envision a single South African airport surrounded by wild jungle and rudimental facilities, South Africa actually has a well-developed airport infrastructure. Most major cities around the country have either a well-developed ...

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    Free State

    Characterized by flat, wide open spaces, broken by majestic mountains, the fertile farming area of the Free State Province of South Africa is often referred to as the ‘bread-basket’ of the country. The Free State lies in the heart of the country, bordering the Kingdom of Lesotho to the south east – a landlocked independent country entirely surrounded by South Africa. The province is not only ...

  • Free State


    Bloemfontein is the capital city of the Free State Province, as well as being the judicial capital of South Africa. Often referred to as the 'City of Roses', Bloemfontein effortlessly blends old with new, holding onto its historic treasures while embracing all the conveniences of modern life. Strategically placed in the middle of the province, Bloemfontein is often the stop-over point for ...