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  • Hoedspruit

    The picturesque little bushveld town of Hoedspruit in the Limpopo Province of South Africa was established by pioneer settlers, receiving its name (literally translated as “hat creek”) when one of those intrepid early adventurers tossed his hat into the river (now known as the Sandspruit River) and declared that he had traveled far enough, this is where he would stay. Certainly, many ...

  • Blyde River Canyon Trail

    The Blyde River Canyon Trail is located within the Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve in Mpumalanga. The Blyde River Canyon is probably the most scenic mountain view available in South Africa, with a 33 kilometer gorge and beautiful rock formations. The once rapid river formed spectacular swirl holes, and being the third largest gorge in the world, this breathtaking area, is undeniably a ...

  • Bourkes Luck

    You don’t have to be a geologist to appreciate the beauty and intricacy of Bourke’s Luck in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. This impressive natural water feature has taken Mother Nature centuries to carve out of the river bedrock, and visitors to the Blyde River Canyon should be sure to set some time aside to enjoy her marvelous handiwork.

  • Botanical Garden

    The Lowveld National Botanical Garden is beautifully situated amidst stunning rocky scenery. As Nelspruit's top attraction, the Lowveld NBG is a delightful outing for visitors of all ages. Nelspruit itself is a fantastic stop-over when traveling through Mpumalanga and is located nearby other attractions such as Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon and Pilgrim's Rest.

  • Blyde River Canyon

    From a distance the Blyde River Canyon is spectacular and becomes even more beautiful closer you get. The Blyde River Nature Reserve extends from the Pinnacle and Gods Window in the south to where the Blyde River Canyon ends at Swadini in the north.There are a number of principle scenic attractions in the Blyde River Canyon, which most visitors will have seen on postcards and ...