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  • Kuruman

    Wonderwerk Cave

    For a truly unique cave visit, try the Wonderwerk Cave in Kuruman. These stunning caves are roughly 139 meters deep and incredibly big. The entrance to the cave alone is so big that a wagon and an entire team of oxen can not only enter but turn around in it too. The term ‘wonderwerk’ is Afrikaans for ‘miracle’ – a truly apt description of this stunning natural phenomenon. The caves are ...

  • Nelspruit


    If you live in South Africa then you probably need no introduction to the Sudwala Caves. These stunning caves and caverns are a major tourist attraction in South Africa and they enjoy both a natural and historical aspect that makes them extra special. The caves are said to be roughly 2 000 million years old. Filled with a dazzling array of stalagmites and stalactites, there is plenty to ...