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  • War Tour

    Founded in 1830, Colesberg lies halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and is close to the Van Der Kloof Dam. Colesberg was named after Sir G. Lowry Cole. Amidst the beautiful countryside, grey duikers and brown hyenas, it is hard to imagine that between November 1899 and March 1900 an active war ravaged this landscape. Not much has been written in regard to the Anglo-Boer War in ...

  • Big Hole

    Kimberley is well-known as a diamond mining town. Its greatest attraction, the Big Hole, is also the site from which this town has grown. Those who are interested in the history of mining or want to find out more about mining should make a point of visiting the renowned Kimberley Big Hole and the Kimberley Mine Museum when touring South Africa.