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  • Letaba District

    Coach House

    Amidst the rolling hills and breathtaking valleys, overlooking the dramatic scenes of the Drakensberg Mountains, is 560 hectares of lush landscape. This majestic scene is in the Letaba District of the Limpopo Province, and home to the Coach House and Agatha Spa. The tranquility and ambience of the estate will transport you back in time, as the Coach House is built on the ...

  • Drakensberg


    If you’re travelling to the Northern Drakensberg you will no doubt venture through the small town of Bergville at some stage. Known as the ‘gateway to the Northern Drakensberg’, this small but scenic town is situated on the banks of the Tugela River – right in the shadow of the dramatic Drakensberg Mountains. The village was originally established in 1897 and it has since proved to be ...

  • Drakensberg

    Boys Choir

    The world renowned Drakensberg Boys' Choir School, located in the Central Drakensberg, has always had the goal of preparing boys for life by means of excellence in music, academics and sports as well as social enrichment. Benefiting boys between the ages of 9 and 15, the Choir School accepts talented children from all cultural backgrounds. Performing every Wednesday, it is a real treat to ...

  • Natal Midlands

    Sani Pass

    The dramatic Sani Pass is a renowned mountain road providing access from the Natal Drakensberg Park into magical Lesotho. Boasting stunning scenery galore, this scenic route is enjoyed by many visitors to the region. Many tourists make their way up the crest of spectacular Sani Pass to enjoy a meal at Southern Africa's highest pub. When visiting the Natal Midlands, be sure to drive along ...

  • Hiking Trails

    Giants Cup Trail

    South Africa’s Giant Cup Trail takes you along the scenic foothills of the Drakensberg from Sani Pass, ending 59,3km later at Bushman’s Nek. All can enjoy the Giant Cup Trail, including children. Although some sections are steep within the Cobham and Garden Castle Reserves, any reasonably fit person can complete each section quite easily. Small patches of forest indigenous to the area can be ...

  • Activities

    Snow Skiing

    As a country known for hot weather, blue skies and grassy plains, few people think of trying snow skiing in South Africa. However when you look to the country’s interior, you’ll find the fabulous Drakensberg (Dragon’s Mountain) mountain range. As this scenic collection of mountains rises ever higher, its tips eventually end up lightly dusted with soft, white, fluffy snow during the winter ...

  • Kwazulu Natal


    Located on the banks of the Klip River, with the mighty Drakensberg Mountains as a backdrop, Ladysmith in KwaZulu Natal is steeped in history, culture and natural beauty. Ladysmith is the perfect half-way stopover for holidaymakers traveling between Johannesburg and Durban, as well as being the gateway to the Northern and Central reaches of the Drakensberg Mountain range.

  • Kwazulu Natal


    The main Drakensberg Range falls within the Natal Drakensberg Park. This section of the Drakensberg (or Mountains of the Dragon) forms a semicircle along the western boundary of the province. Mountain peaks and pinnacles rise about 1500 meters above the surrounding countryside. Within this region there are numerous resorts, guest houses and hotels to cater for visitors who come to ...

  • Regions

    Kwazulu Natal

    When Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama first set eyes on the verdant shores of KwaZulu Natal on 25 December 1497, he named his new discovery “Natal”, being the Portuguese word for Christmas. Since those early days of discovery, KwaZulu Natal has seen its fair share of historical triumphs and tragedies, but it has also seen tremendous growth and development.