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    Hilton Hotels

    Hilton Durban Hotel - Durban is not only a great tourism destination, it is also a bustling commercial center, and the Hilton Durban Hotel is centrally situated to provide five-star service along with easy access to Durban’s many attractions, as well as its thriving business area. Hilton Sandton Hotel - Located in the heart of Sandton, Gauteng's thriving business area, the five-star ...

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    South Beach

    Located at the beginning of Durban’s Golden Mile, South Beach attracts holidaymakers in their droves. With uShaka Marine World as South Beach's major attraction, and in fact one of Durban's primary tourist attractions, the beach is often referred to as uShaka Beach, while the suburb bordering the beach is still referred to as South Beach.

  • Kwazulu Natal

    Wedge Beach

    Durban's beautiful beaches are very popular among both local and international surfers, with surfing competitions taking place along the beaches of the city's Golden Mile on a regular basis. So it should come as no surprise that some of Durban's beaches have names that relate directly to surfing, and such is the case with Wedge Beach located to the right of the beachfront's new pier. The ...

  • Kwazulu Natal

    Bay of Plenty Beach

    Forming part of Durban's vibrant Golden Mile, the Bay of Plenty lies at the heart of the beachfront, with high-rise hotels and apartment buildings making the most of the stunning sea view. Along with North Beach and South Beach, the Bay of Plenty is the venue for a number of international surfing and beach volleyball tournaments, as well as being popular with the holiday crowds that flock to ...

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    A melting pot of culture and diversity, there are approximately forty-five million people living in South Africa at present. The majority of South Africans are of African descent, European descent, coloreds (a mixed race descending from European settlers, slaves and the local indigenous population), Asians, Chinese, Indian and Portuguese. The country has eleven official languages. In remote ...

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    Feeling stressed, unhealthy, tired, bloated or even depressed? Then the Brookdale Health Hydro is for you. Situated in the beautiful Natal Midlands, this excellent health hydro is just what you’ve been looking for. The Brookdale Health Hydro offers a variety of treatments that soothe body and mind. With a focus on exercise, a balanced diet, relaxation therapies and stress management, the ...

  • Kwazulu Natal


    KwaZulu Natal is situated on the east coast of South Africa and its shores are lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. It enjoys a warm, coastal climate with plenty of sunshine, quite a lot of humidity and a fair amount of light rainfall. This means that the terrain is green and plentiful and visitors can look forward to plenty of great weather. KwaZulu Natal’s climate is generally ...

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    Agriport in Durban

    Agriport, situated on Maydon Wharf in Durban, is a multi-purpose terminal with equipment to handle varied cargo consisting of neo-bulk, break-bulk and containers. Agriport is a joint venture between the South African Port Operations (SAPO) and Viamax. As the first port in South Africa to have a grain elevator, which was built in 1927, Agriport had a 42,000 ton capacity, which was only ...

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    Port of Durban

    The Port of Durban has been in operation since the 19th century and continues to provide an essential service to South Africa’s substantial import/export trade. Managed by South African Port Operations (SAPO), Durban’s port handles substantial volumes of cargo and received passenger ships from around the world.

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    International trade is an essential element of a prosperous economy. Since sea transport is usually the most economical way to move bulk stock, the majority of international trade depends on efficient harbors. Sea transport certainly plays a large role in South Africa’s international trade and a number of ports around the country cater to various industries – seeing to both imports and ...