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  • Amanzimtoti

    Bird Sanctuary

    Are you looking for an escape from the bustle of every-day life? Feel like getting back in touch with nature? Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary, just 20 km from Durban city center, is the ideal haven for you. A lovely natural area dedicated to our feathered friends, Amanzimtoti Bird Sanctuary is great for the entire family, couples and individuals seeking some alone time. Just picture yourself ...

  • Durban

    Francis Farewell

    Francis Farewell Square situated in the nucleus of Durban is the very location from whence the city came. Around the square are a number of important buildings and monuments providing insight into the history of this now bustling city. Take a walk back in time at Durban's Francis Farewell Square.

  • Durban


    Umgeni River Bird Park in Durban is rated amongst the world's top bird parks and sanctuaries. A magical walk through a magnificent display of colors, bird calls and fresh air, Umgeni Bird Park is an unforgettable experience for the entire family. Discover a vast variety of both indigenous and exotic bird species, housed in their natural habitat. Be sure to spend a morning, or even an entire ...

  • Durban


    Africa’s largest marine theme park can be found on the stunning coast of KwaZulu Natal. It is called uShaka Marine World and it is one of the top attractions in Durban. This excellent family theme park makes good use of the strong Zulu heritage of the region, combining African images and décor with a wonderful variety of magical marine animals. It also features a recreated 1920 cargo ship ...

  • Travel


    No matter where you live or who you are, it is difficult to argue against the efficiency and convenience of air travel. Despite the fact that many foreigners may envision a single South African airport surrounded by wild jungle and rudimental facilities, South Africa actually has a well-developed airport infrastructure. Most major cities around the country have either a well-developed ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    African Art Centre

    Established with the backing of the South African Institute of Race Relations in 1959, the African Art Centre is a non-profit organization which is designed to help local black artists and craftspeople promote their work and support themselves. The African Art Centre became a non-profit organization in 1982 and, despite its small beginnings, it now has a well-established reputation for ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    Bat Art Centre

    The BAT Centre was started in 1995 as an arts and culture community center designed to celebrate the art and culture of locals and to promote their talent and skill. Located in the small crafters harbor off the Victoria Embankment in Durban, this enterprising Art Centre has helped to created jobs for a variety of artists by sourcing talent and bringing it into the limelight, by imparting ...

  • Durban Art Galleries

    Durban Art Gallery

    South Africa's Durban Art Gallery boasts an extensive display of artworks both historical and contemporary. From the KwaZulu-Natal collection with its artifacts right up to International and English collections, the Durban Art Gallery is a magical walk through the world of fine arts. Among the artworks are pieces by renowned South Africans such as Penny Siopis and Andrew Verster as well as ...

  • Airports

    Durban International Airport

    KwaZulu-Natal's Durban is certainly one of the most popular tourist destinations for both locals and international visitors. Its alluring gold beaches, inland game parks and beautiful green landscape attract many vacationers to this lovely province of South Africa. Along with road transport, the most popular way to arrive in Durban is via airplane. King Shaka International Airport (airport ...

  • Kwazulu Natal

    Addington Beach

    Addington Beach along Durban's well-known Golden Mile, boasts beautiful golden sands and clear warm Indian Ocean waters. Located right beside the new impressive uShaka Marine World and tourist development site, Addington Beach is the ideal tourist destination.