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  • Kwazulu Natal

    Dairy Beach

    Durban is well-known for its wide expanses of beautiful beaches, ideal for swimming, surfing and other seaside activities. Dairy Beach in Durban is certainly no exception. Forming part of the Golden Mile, Dairy Beach is an exquisite surfing spot. Host to the world-renowned Gunston 500 Surfing Championships (now the Mr Price Pro), Dairy Beach is a stunning beach offering endless hours of fun ...

  • Kwazulu Natal

    North Beach

    Durban’s North Beach is probably the busiest and best beach along the Golden Mile. Situated between the Bay of Plenty and Dairy Beach, it has stunning white sandy stretches with good breakwaters. During the holiday season it is North Beach which sees most of the action. Each year it hosts the Vodacom Beach Africa Festival and the Mr. Price Pro. North Beach has a wide variety of attractions ...

  • Golf Courses

    Durban Country Club

    Easily regarded as one of South Africa’s most challenging golf courses, the Durban Country Club golf course is considered by many to be the best golf course in the country. It has hosted the South African Golf Open Championships 14 times which is more often than any other golf course in the country. The Durban Country Club has also hosted a number of other prestigious golfing events. Set ...

  • Theatres

    Theatres in Durban

    Durban is a place where the people are as warm as the atmosphere. Here the exciting mixture of color, culture and lifestyle adds a certain spice to life that is quite different from anywhere else in the country. The theatrical scene in Durban is quite distinctive and must be experienced to be fully understood. Many find that it provides great insight into the lives of those who live and ...

  • Art Galleries

    Durban Art Galleries

    The beautiful landscapes of the Zulu Kingdom are an inspiration to a number of artists. As these creative geniuses soak up the bohemian lifestyle, the cross-pollination of cultures and the warm, salty air, their imaginations are sparked and their creative talents simply pour out. No wonder there are so many great art galleries in Durban. The Durban Art Gallery is KwaZulu Natal’s regional ...

  • Restaurants

    Durban Restaurants

    In many respects, Durban is the ‘spice capital’ of the country. With the strong concentration of Indians in this part of the country, everyone knows that for quality curry and spices, Durban is your best choice. Oftentimes, this love for all things ‘hot and spicy’ is carried across into menus at restaurants and you can enjoy curried dishes that range from mild to super hot at a number of ...

  • Beaches

    Kwazulu Natal

    Thousands of local and international visitors flock to the city of Durban each year, as it is known for its warm climate and exciting beaches, but all along the Kwa-Zulu Natal coast, visitors will find breathtaking beaches and secluded bays to enjoy the summer sun or escape the noise of the city. Host to some of the bigger surfing championships, Kwa-Zulu Natal is a hub for water sports and a ...

  • Attractions

    Bars And Clubs

    South Africa boasts a vibrant nightlife with a large variety of venues offering fun and good times. Whether you are visiting Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town, the entertainment and nightlife will keep nightowls up till the early hours of the morning.

  • Bars And Clubs

    Durban Bars and Clubs

    Durban is the hot and spicy center of South Africa's KwaZulu Natal Province. During the day the big attraction is the ocean as holidaymakers swim, surf, kite surf, jetski, kayak, suntan, relax and so the list goes on. But when the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, holidaymakers and trendy Durbanites head off to the city’s vibrant bars and clubs to party the night away. Live music, showcasing ...

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    If you’re a gourmet and you enjoy a good plate of food, South Africa is definitely the country for you. A lot of traditional South African cuisine is tasty, filling and well worth every cent. The combination of cultures, which merge beautifully on this colorful tip of the continent, means that not only will you find a wonderfully diverse range of ingredients, but also an array of spices, ...