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  • Eastern Cape

    Gonubie Beach

    Located a mere eight kilometers from East London, the seaside village of Gonubie in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is considered by many to be a suburb of the city. But the relaxed lifestyle and stunning scenery in Gonubie confirms that this is no city, but rather a place for city-dwellers to retreat to when the hustle and bustle of city life gets too much. Lying on the estuary of ...

  • Eastern Cape

    Kidds Beach

    The picturesque coastal village of Kidds Beach located around 30 kilometers from East London in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa is an ideal getaway for holidaymakers who feel the need to have a complete break from the frantic pace of everyday life and enjoy the beauty of nature in an unspoiled setting. As the name would suggest, the beautiful white sandy beach is the main ...

  • Eastern Cape


    The Eastern Cape is situated between KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape and its climate is a bit of a mixture of the two. Its coastal cities enjoy both a subtropical and Mediterranean climate while inland things get a bit hotter. The area itself is quite large and it stretches from the coast to more mountainous escarpment regions inland, resulting in a climate that varies quite a bit.

  • Ports

    Port of East London

    There are a few features that make the Port of East London truly unique. The first, and most significant fact about the East London port, is that it is the only river port in the country, being located at the Buffalo River mouth. Secondly, the port is home to one of South Africa’s largest grain elevators, making the harbor a popular export harbor for the grain industry. It is not as large as ...

  • Regions


    International trade is an essential element of a prosperous economy. Since sea transport is usually the most economical way to move bulk stock, the majority of international trade depends on efficient harbors. Sea transport certainly plays a large role in South Africa’s international trade and a number of ports around the country cater to various industries – seeing to both imports and ...

  • East London


    If you ever visit the city of East London on the South East coast of South Africa, the East London Aquarium is a must-see. Opened to the public in December 1931, the East London Aquarium is possibly the oldest public aquarium in the country. Though it is not particularly big, it does have some unique displays that make it a worthwhile stop.

  • East London


    If you’re visiting East London with your children in tow, take a trip to the Queens Park Zoo and Gardens. This small but fascinating zoo houses a variety of animals to keep children and adults of all ages occupied for hours. Whether your children prefer reptiles, fish, birds or mammals, they’ll find something they like at the Queens Park Zoo. What’s more, the entry fee is kept as low as ...

  • Airports

    East London Airport

    The East London Airport was established in 1927 by Lieutenant Colonel Alistair Miller with only one hangar and just the basics, such as a petrol pump and a telephone line. Today, the airport has expanded considerably, servicing approximately three hundred and forty thousand travelers a year and has become a popular airport for tourists, as it is located near many attractions and ...

  • Eastern Cape

    King Williams Town

    The national road (N2) leads through pleasant rural landscapes to the historical town named in honor of King William IV of Britain. King William's Town, situated on the upper stretches of the Buffalo River, originated as a mission station in 1826. During the Xhosa wars the town was proclaimed the capital of the province of British Kaffraria and during 1857, two thousand German ...

  • Eastern Cape


    The untamed Transkei is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and lies just outside of East London. It is an almost forgotten part of the country that seems to function at its own pace and without modern day influences. Many tourists and locals visit the Transkei as it provides a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.