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  • Eastern Cape


    The Eastern Cape is situated between KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape and its climate is a bit of a mixture of the two. Its coastal cities enjoy both a subtropical and Mediterranean climate while inland things get a bit hotter. The area itself is quite large and it stretches from the coast to more mountainous escarpment regions inland, resulting in a climate that varies quite a bit.

  • Hiking Trails

    Wild Coast Trail

    The Wild Coast Hiking Trail is in one of the most picturesque areas of South Africa, the breathtaking Eastern Cape. Even though the Wild Coast Hiking Trail is certainly the most strenuous trail that South Africa has to offer, it is also the most scenic and worth every drop of sweat. The entire hike along the Wild Coast is a somewhat intimidating 280 km. The Wild Coast Hiking Trail takes ...

  • Museums

    Albany Museum

    Founded on 11 September 1855, the Albany Museum is the second oldest museum in South Africa. It is a provincial museum which is funded by the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. Located in the Eastern Cape in the small city of Grahamstown, the Albany Museum is actually made up of six different buildings. These are the Natural Sciences Museum, the Observatory Museum, the ...

  • Museums

    Nelson Mandela Museum

    Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela’s life experiences can be found at the Nelson Mandela Museum near Umtata in the Eastern Cape. Known lovingly as ‘Madiba’, he is cherished for working towards making a better life for all living in South Africa. Respecting Mandela’s wishes that the Museum not be an accolade dedicated to him, the museum serves as a means to spur on upliftment and ...

  • Hiking Trails

    Amatola Hiking Trail

    If nature and hiking outdoors is a passion of yours, then South Africa’s Amatola Hiking Trail in the Amatola Mountains is a must! This scenic mountain range lies in the Eastern Cape Province, starting at Maden Dam, near King William’s Town and ending 3km from Hogsback. The entire Amatola Hiking Trail is 105km or 6 days long, packed with the most exquisite scenery. Dense yellowwood forests ...

  • Ports

    Port of Port Elizabeth

    With the arrival of the British settlers in 1825, the harbour of Port Elizabeth was given status as a port. Construction to improve port facilities began soon after and the Port of Port Elizabeth has since grown to be a major import and export hub for the Eastern Cape. With Uitenhage being located just outside of Port Elizabeth, and with the town being a motor industry giant, the Port ...

  • Grahamstown

    St Patricks

    St Patrick's Church in Grahamstown, has played many roles in its time. From saving the souls of people, to saving and protecting the people themselves. A large garrison was retained in Grahamstown during the frontier peace between 1839 and 1844. The garrison included soldiers of the Irish regiments, and together the soldiers gave their free time willingly to build the ...

  • East London


    If you ever visit the city of East London on the South East coast of South Africa, the East London Aquarium is a must-see. Opened to the public in December 1931, the East London Aquarium is possibly the oldest public aquarium in the country. Though it is not particularly big, it does have some unique displays that make it a worthwhile stop.

  • North West


    You don’t have to be an archaeologist in order to appreciate the beauty and value of ancient rock art. As spindly stick figures dance across the surface of the rock, it is easy to imagine what sort of heroic battles or epic journeys they depict. Masterful hunts where the kills provided food for months on end. Massive migrations from one geographical zone to the next in the search of food and ...

  • Sundays River


    The Sundays River is an incredibly beautiful part of the Eastern Cape in South Africa. The Sundays River Valley has a variety of great attractions to cater to every activity level and taste, along with accommodation to suit your individual needs and festivals to keep you entertained. The valley stretches from the coastline just outside of Port Elizabeth and heads inland through Addo and ...