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    Durban Restaurants

    In many respects, Durban is the ‘spice capital’ of the country. With the strong concentration of Indians in this part of the country, everyone knows that for quality curry and spices, Durban is your best choice. Oftentimes, this love for all things ‘hot and spicy’ is carried across into menus at restaurants and you can enjoy curried dishes that range from mild to super hot at a number of ...

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    If you’re a gourmet and you enjoy a good plate of food, South Africa is definitely the country for you. A lot of traditional South African cuisine is tasty, filling and well worth every cent. The combination of cultures, which merge beautifully on this colorful tip of the continent, means that not only will you find a wonderfully diverse range of ingredients, but also an array of spices, ...

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    Cape Town Restaurants

    With the mystical beauty of Table Mountain looming over the city and the refreshing waters of the ocean lapping the shore not far away, Cape Town offers some of the most breathtaking dining spots in the country. And with its cosmopolitan, classy atmosphere you can expect to enjoy plenty of excellent dining options. The city is filled with a wide variety of restaurants, hotels, fast food ...

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    South Africa is a country of great cultural diversity. Such diversity is even reflected in South Africa's food recipes. South African recipes vary from simple traditional dishes to spicy curries and rich puddings. We are certain you will enjoy exploring the unique tastes of these recipes from South Africa.