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    The main office of the Belgium Embassy in South Africa is located in Leyds Street, Pretoria. Here is where Ambassador Pierre Labouverie operates to ensure good relations between South Africa and Belgium. Along with the embassy staff, Belgium's diplomatic representation also includes a military attaché, two trade attachés (from Walloon and Flemish regions as well as a Flemish Community ...

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    The Embassy of the People's Republic of China in South Africa is located on Pretorius Street, in Pretoria. This embassy deals with the basic and usual embassy functions, such as the issue of passports, renewals and the applications for visas. The Chinese Embassy and its Ambassador, Liu Guijin, is proactive in establishing stronger ties between China and South Africa.

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    The Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in South Africa is located in Blackwood Street, Arcadia, in Pretoria. The German Embassy, like many others, assists German travelers, residents and part time workers in South Africa. They are also available to assist South Africans who want to travel to Germany, to advise travelers and to deal with visa applications.

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    The Embassy of Italy in South Africa is situated in George Street, in Pretoria. The South African based Italian Embassy has four divisions namely the Consular Office, Commercial Offices, Tourist and Cultural Section. As with any Embassy in a host country, the Consular staff are to abide by they rules and laws of the country they are assigned to. They assist both Italian and South African ...

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    As is the case with all embassies, the Japanese Embassy in South Africa promotes good relations between Japan and South Africa as well as providing a number of consular services, such as the issuing of visas. The current Japanese Ambassador residing in South Africa is Mr. Akihiko Furuya.

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    The main office of the Royal Netherlands Embassy in South Africa is located in Queen Wilhelmina Avenue, Pretoria. Netherlands' embassy in South Africa has jurisdiction over Namibia, Swaziland and Lesotho as well as consular roles for the island La Reunion. The Dutch Embassy has a number of departments or sections dealing with different issues, from visa applications to trade relations ...

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    Britain has had an influence in South Africa since the arrival of European settlers in 1820. Back then, the British Empire sought to make South Africa a European colony which would be annexed to the state, thereby increasing Britain’s size and power. However, much has changed and for many years now, Britain has rightly recognised South Africa as an independent country with the right to ...

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    The Canadian Embassy has three offices in South Africa. These operate either as Consulates or High Commissions of Canada in South Africa. The main High Commission of Canada has its office in Pretoria where you will also find the Department of Citizenship and Immigration responsible for dealing with applications from South Africa, Swaziland, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Namibia, Botswana, ...

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    The Australian Embassy, located in Pretoria, South Africa, is generally to aid Australians that are in a foreign country. Some facilities and systems in South Africa may differ to those in Australia, and that is where the Australian Embassy comes in. It assists Australians and works across 24 time zones. The Australian Embassy in South Africa forms part of the Australian High Commission and ...

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    Whether you are from another country and are visiting South Africa or you are from South Africa and you wish to visit another country, the various embassies and consulates located around the country will prove to be most valuable to you. Though an embassy is primarily a diplomatic building where ambassadors work and sometimes live, they perform many important functions relating to travel and ...