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  • Ladybrand

    Walking through the charming town of Ladybrand, in the Free State Province, it is hard to believe that war of any kind could have taken place in this picturesque destination near Lesotho. Named after the mother of the then president of the Free State, President Brand, the town was established in 1867, and has remained a breathtaking agricultural region, with the spectacular Maluti Mountains ...

  • Memel

    The beautiful town of Memel is located in the Free State Province of South Africa and was established in 1911, following the Anglo-Boer War conflict. Surrounded by wetlands, Memel is a nature lover's paradise. Even though Memel has been almost forgotten for many years, it is starting to grow in popularity and as people escape the city to build peaceful new lives in this picturesque town.

  • Parys

    The weeping willows that line the Vaal River give the town of Parys a tranquil atmosphere. The bustling farmland, on which cattle, tobacco and corn are farmed, blankets the surrounding area in green fields and picturesque landscapes. As this beautiful farming town is only an hour from Johannesburg, many city dwellers escape to Parys to get away from their daily lives and enjoy the numerous ...

  • Smithfield

    To find a truly unique, isolated and tranquil destination in the Free State Province, visitors need not look further than Smithfield. Here, amongst the breathtaking mountains and picturesque landscapes, Smithfield is beginning to develop into a growing tourism interest, as historic buildings undergo restoration and an increasing number of visitors discover the beauty of the area, and decide ...

  • Philippolis

    The quaint town of Philippolis is the very first settlement that was established in the Free State, and still holds onto the principles and small town atmosphere that the town has been used to since 1822.

  • Welkom

    In 1946, the Free State Province was rocked by the news that gold had been found on a farm, approximately a hundred and sixty kilometers from Bloemfontein. It did not take long for the mining industry to sprout roots here, and not long after, in 1947, the city of Welkom was established. Over the years the city has grown dramatically and remains a vital producer of uranium, mineral ore and gold.

  • Gariep

    The picturesque Gariep Dam is located in the Free State, between the cities of Colesberg and Bloemfontein. Travelers often use the Gariep Dam as a stop over on their way to and from Cape Town and Johannesburg, but many return for a longer stay after they have discovered the beauty and attractions that it offers. The peaceful waters of the dam are a great attraction for family holidays, ...

  • Harrismith

    For a breathtaking cultural, historical and relaxing experience, there is a magnificent destination hidden in the Free State, named Harrismith. Named after Sir Harry Smith, a British Governor, and established in 1849, this charming town has become increasingly more popular with visitors, as they have discovered the beauty and unlimited number of attractions that the town has to offer.

  • Kroonstad

    A mere two hour drive from Johannesburg lies a picturesque Free State town named Kroonstad. The historical town was established in the year 1855. While there is some debate as to how it got its name, most locals lean towards the popular folklore that the town was named after a horse by the name of Kroon, which belonged to Sarel Cilliers, a Voortrekker. According to the legend, Kroon died in ...

  • Fouriesburg

    There are many fascinating towns spread out across the massive landscape of South Africa, and in the northern region of the Free State, Fouriesburg is one of those unforgettable destinations. Christoffel Fourie sacrificed his farm, named Groenfontein, to establish the town in 1892, and it was therefore named after him. Over the years the town has held onto their heritage, leaving behind ...