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  • Museums

    Transvaal Museum

    Situated on Paul Kruger Street, in Pretoria, the Transvaal Museum was built and completed in 1913. It was designed by John Stockwin Cleland, who was employed as Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works in 1902, on his arrival from England. He also designed the Pretoria High School for Girls and Pretoria Boys’ High School. The Transvaal Museum was renamed National Museum of Natural ...

  • Heidelberg


    When visiting the picturesque town of Heidelberg, there is one attraction that should not be missed out on: the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve. A mere one hour drive from the busting city of Johannesburg, the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve, is a haven of tranquility and breathtaking wildlife. With various options available to explore the reserve and comfortable accommodation, visitors are ...

  • Johannesburg


    Newtown Cultural Precinct has become Johannesburg's tourist hot spot in recent years. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes this development has proved that putting in the effort truly pays off. Attracting large numbers of local residents as well as travelers from far-off there is much to see and do in the renewed Newtown Precinct.

  • Johannesburg

    Gold Reef

    Located on the outskirts of South Africa's City of Gold, Johannesburg, Gold Reef City is certainly one of the most popular attractions in Johannesburg.

  • Johannesburg


    Since the beginning of mankind, people have looked up to the starry heavens in wide-eyed wonder. The vast array of stars and other heavenly bodies simply dwarf our existence beyond comparison. While this fact has not changed, technological advancements have made it possible to understand more and more about the universe which surrounds us and enchants us each night. We now know amazing ...

  • Johannesburg


    To describe the Santarama Miniland in Johannesburg, is almost impossible, because of the skill, craftsmanship and foresight that has gone into this Johannesburg attraction. The Santarama Miniland has most of South Africa’s history, important buildings and even international icons on display, in mini form!

  • Art Galleries

    Tina Skukan Art Gallery

    Are you looking for that ultimate painting or sculpture to add the finishing touch to your home? Do you want an artwork by someone whose style is dynamic, individualistic and inherently African? Perhaps you’re merely looking for an artwork which captures a deep love and appreciation for the country of South Africa. Whatever it is that you are looking for, why not visit the Tina Skukan ...

  • Airports

    OR Tambo International Airport

    O.R.Tambo International Airport (airport code JHB), previously known as Johannesburg International Airport, is located in Gauteng. As the country's chief international and domestic airport, it is definitely Southern Africa's busiest airport. It is the main airport of South African Airways as well as several other local airlines. Designated Africa's leading airport in the 2005 World Travel ...

  • Languages

    Southern Sesotho

    One of the eleven official languages of South Africa, Sesotho is spoken by roughly five million people in the geographical region of South Africa. Sesotho, which can also be called Southern Sesotho to help distinguish it from Northern Sesotho, is also one of the two official languages of the independent Kingdom of Lesotho where it is spoken by approximately 85% of the population. The ...

  • Languages


    Zulu or isiZulu is another of South Africa's official languages. Spoken by some 10 million individuals, most of whom reside in South Africa, Zulu is the home language of 24% of South Africans and is understood by more than 50% of the country's inhabitants. Forming part of the Nguni group of the Bantu languages, Zulu and Xhosa are mutually understandable.