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  • Museums

    Albany Museum

    Founded on 11 September 1855, the Albany Museum is the second oldest museum in South Africa. It is a provincial museum which is funded by the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture. Located in the Eastern Cape in the small city of Grahamstown, the Albany Museum is actually made up of six different buildings. These are the Natural Sciences Museum, the Observatory Museum, the ...

  • Grahamstown

    St Patricks

    St Patrick's Church in Grahamstown, has played many roles in its time. From saving the souls of people, to saving and protecting the people themselves. A large garrison was retained in Grahamstown during the frontier peace between 1839 and 1844. The garrison included soldiers of the Irish regiments, and together the soldiers gave their free time willingly to build the ...

  • Grahamstown

    Settlers Monument

    If you ever visit the charming town of Grahamstown and head in the direction of Rhodes University, you will find that right at the top of the hill on the edge of town, a massive square structure juts out proudly against the sky. This building is the 1820 Settlers National Monument - a living monument which not only honors those brave English settlers who arrived on the continent so many ...

  • Grahamstown

    Provost Prison

    If you’re looking for a historical tourist attraction with a macabre twist whilst visiting the beautiful old city of Grahamstown, make sure you visit the Provost Prison. Built in 1838 by the order of Sir Benjamin D’Urban, the name is derived from is relationship with the Provost Marshall. The Provost Marshall was the officer who was responsible not only for maintaining order, but also for ...

  • Eastern Cape


    One of the most popular towns in the Eastern Cape is Grahamstown. Although great battles and conflict, of which the forts are reminders, shaped the history of the town, this peaceful destination today chooses to focus its energy on arts, culture and the education of its students at Rhodes University. With ample comfortable accommodation and numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy, the ...