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  • Somerset West

    Located around 50 kilometers east of Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, the town of Somerset West forms part of the scenic Helderberg Basin, offering visitors the convenience of being close to both the sea and the magnificent Helderberg Mountains. The town lies on the border of the renowned Cape Winelands and offers easy access to the many wine routes of this area.

  • Gordons Bay

    Together with Somerset West and Strand, Gordon’s Bay forms part of South Africa’s Helderberg Basin, so named after the Helderberg Mountains that create a scenic backdrop to this charming seaside town. The waterfront with its promenade lined with coffee shops, cafés and restaurants, is arguably the main attraction of Gordon’s Bay. Bikini Beach is the hotspot for the younger crowd to gather, ...

  • Strand

    Along with Somerset West and Gordon’s Bay, the seaside resort town of Strand forms part of the picturesque Helderberg Basin. Situated on the shores of False Bay, with the Hottentots-Holland Mountains as a backdrop, Strand’s five kilometers of beach has the reputation of being one of the best swimming areas in South Africa. With its huge tidal pool, water slides and mini-golf, as well as ...