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  • Kuruman

    Wonderwerk Cave

    For a truly unique cave visit, try the Wonderwerk Cave in Kuruman. These stunning caves are roughly 139 meters deep and incredibly big. The entrance to the cave alone is so big that a wagon and an entire team of oxen can not only enter but turn around in it too. The term ‘wonderwerk’ is Afrikaans for ‘miracle’ – a truly apt description of this stunning natural phenomenon. The caves are ...

  • Regions

    Northern Cape

    The Northern Cape is a province that holds beauty in the form of desert landscapes and dry arid land, that is also renowned for the remarkable transformation that takes place in spring when the desert blossoms in a mass of colorful flowers. Cities scattered throughout this province stand out as oases amid the warm weather and unique animals which have adapted to this harsh expanse have many ...

  • Northern Cape


    Kuruman stands as an oasis in the Kalahari region, located in the Northern Cape Province. It is where David Livingstone and Reverend Robert Moffat set up base, and the legendary Kuruman Fountain which supplied the missionary with water in the 1800s still supplies the town with much needed water today, and has become a popular attraction with visitors. This picturesque agricultural hub, also ...