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  • Natal Midlands

    Sani Pass

    The dramatic Sani Pass is a renowned mountain road providing access from the Natal Drakensberg Park into magical Lesotho. Boasting stunning scenery galore, this scenic route is enjoyed by many visitors to the region. Many tourists make their way up the crest of spectacular Sani Pass to enjoy a meal at Southern Africa's highest pub. When visiting the Natal Midlands, be sure to drive along ...

  • Languages

    Southern Sesotho

    One of the eleven official languages of South Africa, Sesotho is spoken by roughly five million people in the geographical region of South Africa. Sesotho, which can also be called Southern Sesotho to help distinguish it from Northern Sesotho, is also one of the two official languages of the independent Kingdom of Lesotho where it is spoken by approximately 85% of the population. The ...

  • Eastern Cape

    North West

    Along the North West border of the Eastern Cape Province, separating South Africa from the Kingdom of Lesotho, lie a group of quaint country towns including Lady Grey, Maclear and Elliot, with Aliwal North lying on the border of the Free State Province. With the majestic Drakensberg Mountains as an ever-constant sentinel, this area is strikingly beautiful and people appreciating the simple ...