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  • Colesberg

    War Tour

    Founded in 1830, Colesberg lies halfway between Johannesburg and Cape Town, and is close to the Van Der Kloof Dam. Colesberg was named after Sir G. Lowry Cole. Amidst the beautiful countryside, grey duikers and brown hyenas, it is hard to imagine that between November 1899 and March 1900 an active war ravaged this landscape. Not much has been written in regard to the Anglo-Boer War in ...

  • Cape Town

    Castle Good Hope

    Cape Town's Castle of Good Hope boasts to being South Africa's oldest standing building - and its still in use. A fascinating structure with a grand history, the Castle of Good Hope is one of the top attractions in Cape Town. Guided tours through the impressive building are available on Mondays through to Sundays, but you are welcome to navigate your way through the myriad of halls and ...