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  • Events

    With over 46 million people nationwide, you can be sure that South Africa has no shortage of entertaining and worthwhile events. From the annual Comrades Marathon to a variety of art and culture shows and festivals, South Africa has an almost constant stream of great events to enjoy. South Africa also enjoys a wide variety of cultures, languages and religious beliefs and all these ...

  • Bars And Clubs

    Durban Bars and Clubs

    Durban is the hot and spicy center of South Africa's KwaZulu Natal Province. During the day the big attraction is the ocean as holidaymakers swim, surf, kite surf, jetski, kayak, suntan, relax and so the list goes on. But when the sun sets over the Indian Ocean, holidaymakers and trendy Durbanites head off to the city’s vibrant bars and clubs to party the night away. Live music, showcasing ...

  • Culture

    Perhaps one of the most outstanding things about South African culture is that it is not one single culture, but rather a range of different cultures representing every level of a very stratified community. Hybrid mixtures of these different cultures also exist, making South Africa one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.