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  • Port Nolloth

    Situated on South Africa’s Diamond Coast, Port Nolloth provides a relaxing holiday for those who are looking to get away from it all. Beautiful beaches, interesting history and the opportunity to explore the local culture make Port Nolloth an ideal destination when touring the Northern Cape Province.

  • Barkly West

    As with many of the towns in the Northern Cape, Barkly West found its humble beginnings in the diamond industry. In fact, this is where the very first diamond was discovered in South Africa in 1869. Originally established in 1849, Barkly West was a tiny mission village until the diamond rush saw hundreds of prospectors flocking to the town in search of financial freedom. Located ...

  • McCarthy’s Rest

    For visitors in South Africa looking for a unique and different experience, McCarthy’s Rest is a truly rare destination in the Northern Cape. It does not offer the lights and excitement of most cities in the country, but rather the peace, tranquility and unmatched beauty of the Kalahari Desert. Most travelers to McCarthy’s Rest are nature enthusiasts, who arrive in the town, to take ...

  • Springbok

    Located on the N7 linking the Northern Cape to Namibia, the lovely town of Springbok lies nestled in a valley of the Klein Koperberge, in the heart of Namaqualand – an area renowned for its natural beauty. The Klein Koperberge, meaning “Small Copper Mountains” were named after the primary reason the settlement was initially established - to mine the rich copper reserves in the area.

  • Calvinia

    Located at the foot of the Hantam Mountains in the Groot Karoo region of South Africa’s Northern Cape Province, the friendly town of Calvinia has much to offer travelers who enjoy exploring off the beaten track treasures. Travel the scenic 4x4 routes of Calvinia, some of which take visitors to areas where historic Anglo-Boer conflicts took place, with other routes winding along the ...

  • Sutherland

    Known as South Africa’s "Gateway to the Universe", the little town of Sutherland in the Karoo Hoogland Municipal area of the Northern Cape province is most likely best known for having the largest telescope in the Southern Hemisphere. Referred to as SALT (Southern African Largest Telescope), it is situated at the Sutherland Observatory around 18 kilometers outside the town. Guided tours of ...

  • Hanover

    The small town of Hanover, located in the Karoo region of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, rightfully lays claim to being South Africa’s most central place, as it lies half-way between Johannesburg and Cape Town, as well as being positioned between Durban and Cape Town, and Upington and Port Elizabeth.

  • Augrabies

    Taking its name from the thundering Augrabies Falls, the little town of Augrabies in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa is seen by many as being synonymous with the popular Augrabies Falls National Park, when in fact it is a town in its own right. Augrabies lies in a picturesque setting, bordering the park and on the banks of the Orange River, southwest of Upington. Tourism and the ...

  • Kathu

    Located in the Kalahari region of the Northern Cape Province of South Africa, the picturesque little town of Kathu owes its existence to one of the largest open-cast iron ore mining operations in the world. Referred to as ‘the town under the trees’, Kathu is connected by road, rail and air to its closest main center, Kimberley.

  • De Aar

    The small town of De Aar is located in the central Groot Karoo along the railway line between Cape Town and Kimberley, which was established in the late 1800s. De Aar is the commercial center for the wool production and livestock farming industry in this semi-arid region of South Africa. The town itself receives an abundant supply of water from an underground source, which is referred to as ...