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  • Game Reserves

    Addo Elephant Park

    South Africa is certainly a wildlife mecca, and one of the best places to see Africa's largest land mammal up close is at the Addo Elephant Park. Nestled in the bushveld of the Sunday’s River region, this impressive nature reserve was originally proclaimed a protected area in 1931. At that time, only eleven elephants remained in the area and they were in desperate need of these conservation ...

  • Despatch


    Although part of the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality, which also includes the cities of Port Elizabeth and Uitenhage, Despatch is seldom included on a person’s list of things to see. The small town, which started as a despatch point for the sending of bricks by rail to Port Elizabeth, does not have many notable attractions that would lure a person within its boundaries. However, ...

  • Theatres

    Theatres in Port Elizabeth

    Port Elizabeth may be a small city when compared to cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, but it enjoys a strong cultural atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife. The theatrical scene in Port Elizabeth is constantly changing and visitors can expect to enjoy a number of different performances at the local Opera House on any given day of the week. Of course, not every performance at this local ...

  • Art Galleries

    Port Elizabeth Art Galleries

    Port Elizabeth is not only a picturesque coastal city with exciting attractions and thrilling activities, but a city that treasures art and culture. With four major art galleries to explore, visitors will be able to discover a world of beauty, through the eyes and imaginations of well known artists. Within the walls of the Epsac Art Gallery, King George VI Art Gallery, Nelson Mandela ...

  • Attractions

    Art Galleries

    If you love art, then you will find that South Africa has a thriving art scene. From traditional artifacts to cutting-edge artistic trends, the country produces virtually every type of art imaginable. Many artists prefer to draw on local sources for inspiration, but others travel overseas and then combine what they have learned at home with what they discover during their travels. The result ...

  • Restaurants

    Port Elizabeth Restaurants

    Over the last few years, it seems that restaurants have been sprouting up all over Port Elizabeth, giving residents and visitors a vast variety of cuisine to choose from. No matter what the craving is for the evening, relaxed or stylish dining,

  • Beaches

    Eastern Cape

    Some of the most tranquil and peaceful beaches can be found along the coast of the Eastern Cape. Beaches in major cities such as Durban and Cape Town, are often overcrowded due to the number of visitors and locals trying to soak up the sun. Even though some of the popular beaches in the Eastern Cape can get crowded, there are many quiet areas along the coastline where visitors are able to ...

  • Attractions

    Bars And Clubs

    South Africa boasts a vibrant nightlife with a large variety of venues offering fun and good times. Whether you are visiting Durban, Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth or Cape Town, the entertainment and nightlife will keep nightowls up till the early hours of the morning.

  • Bars And Clubs

    Port Elizabeth Bars and Clubs

    When the sun goes down over the ocean in the city of Port Elizabeth, partygoers generally head for the beachfront where clubs, bars and restaurants light up the night sky. Humewood is the perfect place to grab a sundowner before a brilliant night out. Some bars and clubs in Port Elizabeth have gained a reputation for their week-night karaoke, while others are known for hosting live concerts. ...

  • Attractions


    If you’re a gourmet and you enjoy a good plate of food, South Africa is definitely the country for you. A lot of traditional South African cuisine is tasty, filling and well worth every cent. The combination of cultures, which merge beautifully on this colorful tip of the continent, means that not only will you find a wonderfully diverse range of ingredients, but also an array of spices, ...