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    South African Cultural History Museum

    Pretoria is home to a host of monuments and museums that showcase the history of South Africa. One of these museum marvels is the National Cultural Museum, which is often referred to as the African Window. Many museums outline the history of their country, but few actually retrace the steps of history as far back as the Stone Age, or look at individual cultures in the greatest of detail. It ...

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    Transvaal Museum

    Situated on Paul Kruger Street, in Pretoria, the Transvaal Museum was built and completed in 1913. It was designed by John Stockwin Cleland, who was employed as Chief Architect of the Department of Public Works in 1902, on his arrival from England. He also designed the Pretoria High School for Girls and Pretoria Boys’ High School. The Transvaal Museum was renamed National Museum of Natural ...

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    Union Building

    Herbert Baker was commissioned in 1910 to design the Union Building in Pretoria. This was to become the administrative center for the Government of the Union of South Africa, and in November 1910 the corner brick was laid. The Union of South Africa only changed its name to the Republic of South Africa in 1961 upon gaining independence from Britain.

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    Voortrekker Monument

    On 16 December 1949, the Voortrekker Monument was inaugurated, a design by Gerard Moerdijk. This impressive architectural structure was built in honor of the Voortrekkers, who left the Cape Colony in their thousands between 1835 and 1854. This was to be known as the “Great Trek”. The Voortrekker Monument in Pretoria was merely an idea envisioned by President Paul Kruger in ...

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    National Zoo

    The National Zoological Gardens, or better known as the Pretoria Zoo, was established in 1899. It attracts thousands of local and international visitors every year. The Pretoria Zoo is the only zoo within South Africa that has the honor of having National Status, making this zoo a leading attraction in Pretoria.

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    Tina Skukan Art Gallery

    Are you looking for that ultimate painting or sculpture to add the finishing touch to your home? Do you want an artwork by someone whose style is dynamic, individualistic and inherently African? Perhaps you’re merely looking for an artwork which captures a deep love and appreciation for the country of South Africa. Whatever it is that you are looking for, why not visit the Tina Skukan ...

  • Heritage Sites

    Freedom Park

    Just outside of Pretoria, on Salvokop, is a truly unique monument to the evolution of South Africa, and to humanity. It is not a symbol of pain and suffering, but a reminder of the past and a celebration of the present, and the future. Freedom Park is an attraction in South Africa that highlights the significant events in the country’s history, and the moments that shaped and paved the road ...

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    If you’re a gourmet and you enjoy a good plate of food, South Africa is definitely the country for you. A lot of traditional South African cuisine is tasty, filling and well worth every cent. The combination of cultures, which merge beautifully on this colorful tip of the continent, means that not only will you find a wonderfully diverse range of ingredients, but also an array of spices, ...

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    The Gauteng Province in South Africa is alive with opportunity. With major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria at the centre of this region, the province overflows with industries and businesses that contribute on a large scale to the economy of South Africa. Gauteng might be known as an economic and political center, but it has an endless supply of tourist attractions and historical ...

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    Each October the city of Pretoria begins to transform into a haze of lilac and purple as the trees that afforded it the nickname of 'Jacaranda City' come into bloom. Pretoria is only fifty kilometers away from Johannesburg, and yet it boasts a completely different atmosphere. This city takes a more laid back approach, typically from the students who attend the Pretoria University and flood ...