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  • Hotels

    The Peninsula Hotel

    Located on the corner of Queens and Beach Roads in Sea Point, The Peninsula Hotel occupies one of the prime spots along Cape Town's renowned Platinum Mile. Offering spectacular scenery, along with warm hospitality and superior service, The Peninsula Hotel is the destination of choice for both local and international guests. The hotel lies at the foot of the majestic Lion's Head, between ...

  • Western Cape

    Clifton Beach

    Clifton is considered by many holidaymakers to be the jewel of Cape Town’s coastline. Separated by massive granite boulders, Clifton’s white sandy beaches – First, Second, Third and Fourth Beach – each offer a unique fun-in-the-sun experience. Clifton’s beaches have been rated as one of Discovery Travel Channel’s Top Ten Beaches for both 2003 and 2004, as well as being designated as a Blue ...

  • Western Cape

    Sea Point Beach

    Cape Town's suburb of Sea Point is quite densely populated and characterized by high-rise buildings along the seafront. Tall apartment blocks and hotels line the main road and promenade, looking out over the glistening sea and the rocky coastline. With only a few small sandy coves and deep kelp beds, Sea Point is more of a tanning or picnicking beach, but is nonetheless a lovely spot for ...

  • Beaches

    Western Cape

    When the Western Cape Province is mentioned the picturesque landscapes of the wine estates, the splendor of Table Mountain and the stylish establishments of Cape Town immediately come to mind. But the Western Cape hides another jewel along its coastline, namely the beaches of the Western Cape. Some that located within city limits are rather overwhelming with hundreds of holiday makers ...