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    Agriport in Durban

    Agriport, situated on Maydon Wharf in Durban, is a multi-purpose terminal with equipment to handle varied cargo consisting of neo-bulk, break-bulk and containers. Agriport is a joint venture between the South African Port Operations (SAPO) and Viamax. As the first port in South Africa to have a grain elevator, which was built in 1927, Agriport had a 42,000 ton capacity, which was only ...

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    Port of Cape Town

    Cape Town has been a strategically important port since the 17th century when, in 1652, Jan van Riebeeck set up a replenishment station in South Africa for the Dutch East India Company. Times have changed and Cape Town’s port has moved with the times, developing into a state-of-the-art facility for moving significant volumes of cargo and accommodating cruise ships and leisure craft, 24 hours ...

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    Port of Mossel Bay

    Located halfway between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth is the Mossel Bay Port. Although this port doesn’t see much commercial activity, it is home to the fishing and oil industry. The oil industry started in the 1980’s with the Mossgas Project. Mossel Bay Port is the smallest commercial harbor in South Africa, but is evident that in the port’s history many seafarers made use of this port for ...

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    Port of Port Elizabeth

    With the arrival of the British settlers in 1825, the harbour of Port Elizabeth was given status as a port. Construction to improve port facilities began soon after and the Port of Port Elizabeth has since grown to be a major import and export hub for the Eastern Cape. With Uitenhage being located just outside of Port Elizabeth, and with the town being a motor industry giant, the Port ...

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    Port of Saldanha Bay

    South Africa's Port of Saldanha Bay is the largest natural anchorage in South Africa. Located just 60 n.miles from Cape Town, Saldanha Bay's port plays a large role in the iron ore industry.

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    Port of Durban

    The Port of Durban has been in operation since the 19th century and continues to provide an essential service to South Africa’s substantial import/export trade. Managed by South African Port Operations (SAPO), Durban’s port handles substantial volumes of cargo and received passenger ships from around the world.

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    Port of East London

    There are a few features that make the Port of East London truly unique. The first, and most significant fact about the East London port, is that it is the only river port in the country, being located at the Buffalo River mouth. Secondly, the port is home to one of South Africa’s largest grain elevators, making the harbor a popular export harbor for the grain industry. It is not as large as ...

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    Port of Richards Bay

    Located around 160 kilometers northeast of Durban, the Port of Richards Bay was originally built in 1976 almost exclusively for the export of coal, but has long since expanded to cater for other bulk and break-bulk export cargos.

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    International trade is an essential element of a prosperous economy. Since sea transport is usually the most economical way to move bulk stock, the majority of international trade depends on efficient harbors. Sea transport certainly plays a large role in South Africa’s international trade and a number of ports around the country cater to various industries – seeing to both imports and ...