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  • Springbok

    Located on the N7 linking the Northern Cape to Namibia, the lovely town of Springbok lies nestled in a valley of the Klein Koperberge, in the heart of Namaqualand – an area renowned for its natural beauty. The Klein Koperberge, meaning “Small Copper Mountains” were named after the primary reason the settlement was initially established - to mine the rich copper reserves in the area.

  • Wildflower Route

    The four corners, or borders, of Namaqualand are the Atlantic Ocean, the Orange River, Garies, and the remote town of Pofadder. In between these four “walls” lies an arid desert during summer, and after the winter rains, it is as if Namaqualand has covered herself with a lush blanket of breathtaking beauty. The land becomes unrecognizable as the vibrant colors sweep across the landscape and ...

  • Namaqualand

    There are few scenes in nature that can match the wonder and splendor of Namaqualand in spring. This amazing part of the South African landscape simply comes alive in such a wonderful abundance of color and variety, that the resulting scenery is something that no artist’s paintbrush can do justice to. In fact, even cameras struggle to catch the dazzling brilliance of the flowers which ...