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    Theatres in Cape Town

    What better way can there be to gain insight into the culture of the city you are visiting than to take in some local theater entertainment. Cape Town is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual, multi-racial melting pot, and Capetonians embrace both traditional and contemporary theater. So whether you enjoy comedy, ballet, opera, drama or off-beat experimental theater, you are likely to find ...

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    Theatres in Johannesburg

    Johannesburg is widely considered to be one of South Africa's most vibrant and diverse cultural centers. It is certainly the most densely populated city in the country and with the large number of educational institutions in the city, many of which encourage innovative self-expression, it is no wonder that Johannesburg has a thriving visual and performing arts community – and there are ...

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    Theatres in Durban

    Durban is a place where the people are as warm as the atmosphere. Here the exciting mixture of color, culture and lifestyle adds a certain spice to life that is quite different from anywhere else in the country. The theatrical scene in Durban is quite distinctive and must be experienced to be fully understood. Many find that it provides great insight into the lives of those who live and ...

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    Theatres in Port Elizabeth

    Port Elizabeth may be a small city when compared to cities like Johannesburg and Cape Town, but it enjoys a strong cultural atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife. The theatrical scene in Port Elizabeth is constantly changing and visitors can expect to enjoy a number of different performances at the local Opera House on any given day of the week. Of course, not every performance at this local ...

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    Theatre is not only a great form of entertainment, but often provides insight into the ideas and philosophies held by a particular culture. Issues that face society in everyday life are often acted out on stage to provoke the audience to think about how these things affect our lives and our outlook on life. The theatre is also a place where various facets of the country’s culture and ...