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  • Uitenhage

    VW Auto Pavilion

    Located in Uitenhage near Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, the VW Auto Pavilion is promoted as a "Place of Cars and Legends", and visitors to this unique museum will soon come to agree with that description. Certainly no other car has grabbed as much attention as the Volkswagen Beetle, and visitors to the VW Auto Pavilion will have the opportunity to explore the ...

  • Uitenhage

    Drostdy Africana

    There was a time when there were no buildings to be seen on the land that is now Uitenhage. No schools, roads or houses existed. Over time, however, settlers moved in, established a small settlement and as the years went by, the settlement developed, evolved and modernized to keep up with the trends in other cities. Now, looking at the sprawling industrial city, it is hard to imagine that ...

  • Eastern Cape


    The charming little town of Uitenhage is situated only 38 kilometers from Port Elizabeth and 30 kilometers from the sparkling Indian Ocean. Situated in South Africa’s Eastern Cape Province, the city has just recently been made part of the greater Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality. Not only does Uitenhage serve as the automotive hub of the Eastern Cape, but it is filled with a rich history and ...

  • Eastern Cape


    A lonely brick chimney stands silently as a reminder of a lucrative era in the history of Despatch. Once part of a successful brickworks industry and built in 1882, the chimney now merely remains as a monument to what was a booming industry. But while one industry’s closure brought the end to an era, Despatch grew into a quaint little town on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.