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  • Northern Cape


    Taking its name from the thundering Augrabies Falls, the little town of Augrabies in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa is seen by many as being synonymous with the popular Augrabies Falls National Park, when in fact it is a town in its own right. Augrabies lies in a picturesque setting, bordering the park and on the banks of the Orange River, southwest of Upington. Tourism and the ...

  • Upington

    Orange River Wine

    Located in the largest province in South Africa, in an area of 361 000 square kilometers, are the Orange River Wine Cellars. Although the least populated, this area consists of spectacular winelands that cover thousands of hectares of land. This picturesque countryside, with its mesmerizing sunsets, red Kalahari sand, and its almost untouched beauty, lies in the Northern Cape. The Orange ...

  • Upington

    Green Kalahari

    When you mention the word ‘Kalahari’, most people will immediately picture a brazen, hot, desert-like place. And, if they were thinking of the Kalahari Desert, they wouldn’t be too far off. However, just because the majority of the area is a desert, does not mean that the Kalahari is devoid of life. On the contrary, it is teaming with it. What’s more, there is a Green belt near the Orange ...

  • Northern Cape


    Upington started off as a small mission station founded in the 1870's and was named after the Attorney General, Sir Thomas Upington in 1895. This was also the hunting grounds of the infamous highwayman Scotty Smith who died in 1919 and whose grave can still be seen in the local cemetery.Upington is a great tourist attraction in this region being en-route to the Kalahari ...

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    Northern Cape

    The Northern Cape is a province that holds beauty in the form of desert landscapes and dry arid land, that is also renowned for the remarkable transformation that takes place in spring when the desert blossoms in a mass of colorful flowers. Cities scattered throughout this province stand out as oases amid the warm weather and unique animals which have adapted to this harsh expanse have many ...