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  • Bird Island

    Located some 100m off the shore of Lambert's Bay, Bird Island is a fascinating natural attraction along the Cape West Coast. Connected to the mainland by means of a breakwater, Bird Island is home to a large population of seabirds. The island is under the protection of CapeNature to ensure that the wildlife residing there is preserved for decades to come.

  • Fossil Park

    The West Coast Fossil Park, located 120 kilometers north of Cape Town on the R27 roadway, offers fascinating insight into what life was like millions of years ago in this ruggedly beautiful region of South Africa. Visitors to the West Coast Fossil Park can enjoy a guided tour including the viewing of ongoing excavations of fossils that are more than five million years old.

  • French Huguenot

    Though a large number of the white population in South Africa are descendants of the French Huguenot’s who arrived in South Africa in the late 17th century, few know much about them or why they chose South Africa instead of their home country. However these intelligent and pioneering people contributed greatly to the development of the country and the French Huguenot Memorial museum in ...

  • West Coast

    Following Route 27 out of Cape Town and heading toward Touws River at the border of the Northern Cape, the Cape West Coast opens up a world of diversity to the traveler who is interested in exploring the road less traveled.