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  • Cape Town Art Galleries

    African Image Art Gallery

    Are you decorating your home and looking for that final touch? Perhaps something to fill in that bare spot on the wall or an empty corner. Perhaps a center piece or conversation piece. Are you a tourist in South Africa looking for a gift for someone back home or some memorabilia that will reflect your exciting African adventure? Look no further than African Image Art Gallery in Cape Town. An ...

  • Cape Town Art Galleries

    Stellenbosch Art Gallery

    The Stellenbosch Art Gallery is situated at 34 Ryneveld Street, in Stellenbosch. A street that has been drenched in history, from the start of this town’s existence. Located near the Stellenbosch University, this gallery is at the heart of local activity.

  • Airports

    Cape Town International Airport

    As South Africa’s second-largest airport, Cape Town International Airport welcomes millions of passengers each year, many of whom have traveled from distant lands to enjoy the beauty of the Mother City and the Western Cape. Bearing in mind that Cape Town International Airport is likely to be the first contact that many international tourists will have with South Africa en route to exploring ...

  • Languages


    Afrikaans, one of South Africa's 11 official languages, is spoken by the majority of the population as either a first or second language. As South African born language, Afrikaans has a fascinating history and has become wide spread, even being spoken freely in Namibia and partly in Botswana, Zimbabwe and other countries. Although considered by some English speaking South African's as a ...

  • Western Cape

    Clifton Beach

    Clifton is considered by many holidaymakers to be the jewel of Cape Town’s coastline. Separated by massive granite boulders, Clifton’s white sandy beaches – First, Second, Third and Fourth Beach – each offer a unique fun-in-the-sun experience. Clifton’s beaches have been rated as one of Discovery Travel Channel’s Top Ten Beaches for both 2003 and 2004, as well as being designated as a Blue ...

  • Heritage Sites

    Heritage Square

    This beautiful little area in central Cape Town will captivate your mind and transport you back in time. Somehow the odd blend of new cars, a trendy cosmopolitan atmosphere and beautifully restored old buildings all work together to create a small corner of the city where you can relax, unwind and simply enjoy the sights and sounds around you. But how did Heritage Square reach its present ...

  • Heritage Sites

    Cape Floral

    You don’t have to be a botanist to enjoy the pleasure of a pretty flower. These amazing little delights of nature are generally quite simple in design yet they may be put together in such a way that one may marvel at their complexity. If you have ever been captivated by the beauty of a bunch of flowers, then you would certainly enjoy a trip to the Cape Floral Region. One of South Africa’s ...

  • Golf Courses


    Arabella Country Club is considered by many to be the best golf course in the entire Western Cape Province and has been voted as one of South Africa's top 5 golf courses. Home of the Nelson Mandela Invitational since the year 2003, Arabella Country Club attracts top golfers from the world over as well as many celebrities who enjoy a round. Located alonside the scenic Bot River lagoon and ...

  • Golf Courses


    Located along the renowned Garden Route, a few kilometers west of the town of George, the George Golf Club boasts a beautifully manicured 72 par, 18-hole golf course which is enjoyed by locals and holidaymakers alike. With the majestic Outeniqua Mountains as a backdrop and surrounded by trees, the George Golf Course offers golfers an enjoyable game in spectacular surroundings.

  • Western Cape

    Breede River Valley

    Taking its name from the Breede River that travels through the valley from its source in the mountains near Ceres heading to the Indian Ocean, the Breede River Valley is indescribably beautiful. Vineyards and fruit orchards stretch as far as the eye can see, changing colors with the changing seasons. The picturesque little towns that lie in the valley offer a welcome retreat to city ...